Gwendoline Christie's Rumored Episode VII Role Is Appropriately Badass

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Spoiler warning, grains of salt, you know the deal. Let's just say if this rumor is true, it's a role worthy of Brienne of Tarth. Details after the jump!

Badass Digest, which has either hit the motherlode of Star Wars: Episode VII insider info or has lost their minds making stuff up, reports that Christie will play an Imperial officer hunting down the deserting Stormtrooper rumored to be played John Boyega. Also, Christie has supposedly been seen training with a lightsaber — it's kind of weird to think about lightsaber-wielding Imperial officers, but this isn't the craziest Episode VII rumored we've heard. But maybe she's a Sith, Maybe she's a bounty hunter. Maybe she's all three. Who knows?


One other thing: Supposedly Christie is playing a villain role which was originally intended to be a dude. Now, whether this was a case of Abrams hiring a badass for a badass role regardless of gender or a concerted effort to bring more diversity to the film after everyone complained that Episode VII was shaping up to be a "sausage party," I'm glad the change was made. When Brienne wields a lightsaber, everybody wins.

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Her Imperial assistant.