Gwendoline Christie in a Star Wars Dress Holding a Blaster Is an Early Christmas Gift to Us All

Look. It’s officially December. That means a) Christmas is just 24 days away, and b), Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a mere 17 days away. So treat yourself to the impossibly delightful Gwendoline Christie in an amazing Captain Phasma dress, wielding a blaster rifle like the goddamn boss of the Galaxy she is.

The wonderful scene comes from a photo shoot Christie did for Vanity Fair, wearing a printed gown featuring the shiny chrome armor of her The Force Awakens character Captain Phasma, designed by Giles Deacon. Yes, it’s Gwendoline Christie, wearing a dress covered in pictures of Gwendoline Christie. Gwendolinception! But also, she’s got a damn blaster rifle (the ultimate accessory for any photo shoot) and is just nonchalantly posing with it in the middle of a fashion shoot, because why the hell not.

On top of being incredibly stylish and awesome in general, in the video for the shoot found below, Christie takes the time to elucidate why she loves Phasma so much:

She represents, I think, a progressive female character in our mainstream media. Normally, the kind of female characters we see in films, we see the way in which they’re made flesh, we see the outlines of their body. But this is a character who is wearing armor, and as a consequence we are forced to judge her, or interact with her, form a relationship on her character and due to her actions.

Okay, so we might be heading into Star Wars crazy season in the last few weeks ahead of of The Force Awakens, but it was worth it for the glorious minute and forty seconds that is the above video. What a time to be alive.


[Vanity Fair, via The Mary Sue]

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