Gwen Stacy Becomes Every Other Marvel Superhero For These Comic Covers

Gwen Stacy has been kicking ass as a Spider-hero recently, but it looks like Marvel is going through a bit of a Gwenaissance lately — and now she's becoming as many Marvel heroes as she can as the theme for this June's variant covers. How many Gwen Stacy portmanteaus can there be? So many.

Yes, Gwen will pastiche everyone from Venom (Gwenom), The Hulk (The InGwenible Hulk), MODOK (GWENDOK, oh god, Marvel, stop, for the love of god), and more as the theme for Marvel's June comic covers. As if she wasn't awesome enough being Spider-Gwen already! The Gwen variants will cover 20 different titles across the month, as the company gets well and truly into its ongoing Secret Wars comics event. Does this mean there might be an alternative universe out there where every Marvel hero is Gwen Stacy? I want that universe. Yes please.


Although there's going to be 20 covers, the company have only revealed three. The Dr. Strange cover for Secret Wars #3 by Nick Bradshaw can be seen above, but check out Future Imperfect #1 (also by Bradshaw) and Old Man Logan #2, by Chris Samnee, below.

As great an idea as this is, just one thing has to be said: Marvel, please, stop with the Gwen portmanteaus. This is coming from someone who just typed the word "Gwenaissance," so you know you're pushing it.



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