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Guy Ritchie Debuts His King Arthur Movie, Emphasis on the Guy

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

The director of Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Guy Ritchie, has finally revealed a look at his latest movie, the period action epic King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. And it’s pretty much what you’d expect: It’s Guy Ritchie in Medieval Times.

It’s got everything you think a Medieval epic wouldn’t. Fast GoPro-style camera work, a faux-hawked Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) sarcastically charming his way from “the streets” to the throne. On the other hand, there are definitely a few additions that make absolute sense, namely Game of Thrones veterans Michael McElhatton and Aidan Gillen.


However, there’s one thing missing: An entire gender. There are virtually no women in the entire thing, at least none who talk. There’s this snake-eyed girl who shows up like twice, then a naked half-tree thing and what looks to be the body of some woman Arthur’s screaming over. I couldn’t even tell if Guinevere showed up. Unless she was the snake-eyed lady. Did Guinevere like snakes?

However, that’s not exactly Ritchie’s style, so you can’t hate him too much for that. Besides, it’s intriguing that Ritchie is back to his fast-talking ways. He’s messing with time and space, all the things that made him a success in the first place. How those elements will meld with the huge scale of King Arthur remains to be seen, even if it’s got more manpower than 300. The film opens March 24.

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Psha! Whats this SJWing you are writing? Women? There are no women in the Arthur myth! I mean other then Morgan Le Fay, Guinevere, Igraine, Morgause, the Lady of the Lake, etc...