Guy re-edits Toy Story 3 with a depressing ending, convinces his mom it's the real thing

Without spoiling too much, if you've ever seen Toy Story 3, you'll remember that the movie almost ends on an extremely bleak note. As a prank, YouTube user Justin Wallin recut the film with this extraordinarily traumatizing ending and screened the entire film for his none-the-wiser mother. This video runs a little long, but the deliciously evil payoff is within the first three minutes. [Justin Wallin via MeFi]


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That's one of the most evil pranks I've ever seen. Well, aside from the fact that Pixar put in that whole sequence so bleak. I thought they were actually going to end like it too.

*bonus: Pet peeve #4209209: Calling a Pixar film a Disney film. No one calls the Avengers a Disney film, why Toy Story?