Still: YouTube

Some industrial cutting machines use a thin metal wire carrying an incredibly strong electrical charge to cut through steel like it’s softened butter. That’s probably what inspired the Hacksmith to create a wearable pair of Wolverine claws connected to a car battery. They’re not quite as deadly as Logan’s adamantium claws are—unless you happen to be wearing them.

Still: YouTube

With about 100 amps of power surging through the claws, they produce an incredibly satisfying shower of sparks whenever each set touches the other, very much like Wolverine’s did on X-Men: The Animated Series.

But does the electrical charge help these homebrew claws slice through thick metal doors or concrete walls? Not really. At most they seem to be able to handle chicken wire and aluminum foil, so their bark is definitely worse than their bite. However, those sparks would certainly be an intimidating deterrent if the Hacksmith ever found himself cornered by a bunch of mutants.


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