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While it hasn't been confirmed, The Tracking Board is reporting that Gus Van Sant has been chosen to direct the live-action U.S. adaptation of the hit anime/manga Death Note, stepping in after previously named director Shane Black left for the new Predator movie.


Beyond the surprising news that someone is still trying to make a live-action U.S. adaptation of Death Note, I don't think Van Sant is a bad choice. A movie about a high school kid who finds a notebook that kills anyone whose name he writes in it seems an odd choice for him, but I feel like he would make the movie appropriately dark and suspenseful, while giving the depth it needs to work. If we have to have an American Death Note movie, I think that's as much as we can basically ask for.

As an aside: At some point while writing this article, I suddenly had the idea that Nic Cage should play Ryuk, the demon who gives the student named Light the killer notebook — without or without make-up. At first it seemed absurd to me, but now it seems absurd but also kind of perfect. Anyone agree with me?


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