Gus Van Sant May Direct The American Death Note Movie

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While it hasn't been confirmed, The Tracking Board is reporting that Gus Van Sant has been chosen to direct the live-action U.S. adaptation of the hit anime/manga Death Note, stepping in after previously named director Shane Black left for the new Predator movie.


Beyond the surprising news that someone is still trying to make a live-action U.S. adaptation of Death Note, I don't think Van Sant is a bad choice. A movie about a high school kid who finds a notebook that kills anyone whose name he writes in it seems an odd choice for him, but I feel like he would make the movie appropriately dark and suspenseful, while giving the depth it needs to work. If we have to have an American Death Note movie, I think that's as much as we can basically ask for.

As an aside: At some point while writing this article, I suddenly had the idea that Nic Cage should play Ryuk, the demon who gives the student named Light the killer notebook — without or without make-up. At first it seemed absurd to me, but now it seems absurd but also kind of perfect. Anyone agree with me?

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Normally I am hesitant about US remake news, but actually, I'd like to see what Western minds do to Deathnote. I'm not sure what it is about it, just something about the way the story works seems like it could work.