While we're sad Guillermo Del Toro left The Hobbit, we're excited to see what he'll make next. People are speculating that GDT's next move might be a Van Helsing picture, only not horrible like the previous Helsing flick.

We'd love to see GDT's take on one of Universal's classic monster movies. And Pajiba is reporting that this film could most likely be the next picture he makes. But don't worry — it has zero connection to Stephen Sommers' Van Helsing movie, even though it's still being described as an action adventure film.


But if Helsing doesn't work out the rumors are suggesting that GDT is still interested in remaking a classic monster film from Universal's catalog of classic nightmares. We'd still love to see what he could do with Frankenstein, yet another film he's expressed interest in remaking. And of course, we're dying to see his Mountains Of Madness.

Either way, GDT is back and looking to make creepy movies again — all is right with the world.

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