Guillermo Del Toro Tackles Telepathic British Spies

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Three spies crash-land in the Himalayas, where a monk gives them telepathic powers in The Champions, a forgotten British show from 1968. Now fantasy/horror mastermind Guillermo Del Toro is adapting it into a movie for Universal. Del Toro is one of the few auteurs you can trust to update this material without uncritically including the screwy "Far Eastern Monk" archetypes. But will it be a waste of his talents?


It depends on whether Del Toro can do for this uber-Cold War storyline what he did for Franco-style fascism in Pan's Labyrinth: translate it for modern audiences, while simultaneously exposing its underbelly. So much of our science fiction media is in the throes of Cold War nostalgia, it would be great to see a sharper take on those narratives.

Del Toro Adapts British Sci Fi [Cinema Blend]

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