Guillermo del Toro: No Shirtlessness in My Frankenstein

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While cautiously talking to press about the plot for his upcoming Frankenstein movie, Guillermo "Hellboy" del Toro revealed that he's not going to do yet another origins story that is all the rage in Hollywood these days. Thankfully you'll find del Toro's monster fully-formed and on the road to adventure. Without any mostly-naked companions.Guillermo Del Toro told the Director's Guild of America:

I'm not doing Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. I'm doing an adventure story that involves the creature. I cannot say much, but it's not the central creation story, I'm not worried about that. The fact is I've been dreaming of doing a 'Frankenstein' movie since I was a child. The one thing I can promise is, compared to Kenneth Branagh, I will not appear shirtless in the movie!


Guillermo del Toro has mentioned his favorite creature actor the lovely Doug Jones for the role of monster, which I think is a great idea. After seeing his monstrously creative performances in Hellboy 2 and Pan's Labyrinth I now have complete faith in the man's portray anything strange and creepy. [Coming Soon]

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Hmm, Guillermo, shouldn't you .... be doing something else like.... THE FREAKING HOBBIT???

No lembas for you tonight.