Guillermo Del Toro Is Making A Dark, Victorian Fantasy Series For Amazon

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Guillermo del Toro is creating a dark Victorian fantasy series set in the near future (in London) where humans and monsters live side-by-side. Titled A Killing on Carnival Row, the Amazon show will investigate a series of fairy murders. Just take our money now, GDT.


According to THR, del Toro is hard at work turning this absolutely delightful script into an Amazon TV series. Here's the premise:

The story is set in a noir, Victorian-tinged city where humans, fairies and other creatures co-exist. The original script told of a detective investigating a serial killer who is preying on mystical creatures, only to find that he has become the prime suspect in the murders.


Del Toro will co-write the pilot with Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim) and Rene Echevarria. Del Toro will also direct the pilot, and this is starting to sound a lot like GDT's collaborative work on The Strain (which had quite a lovely pilot itself). He will then stay on as executive producer.

A Killing on Carnival Row has been stuck in development purgatory for quite some time. Both Neil Jordan and Tarsem Singh were each attached to this project over the last ten years. But now it looks like it shall finally see the light of day, and this thrills us, because the world building in this could truly be exquisite.

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So, how many things is this guy working on? He's doing this, Pacific Rim 2, he's supposedly trying to get Justice League Dark going.