Guillermo del Toro Gives Jack Kirby a Perfect Tribute


In a series of tweets, Guillermo del Toro—obviously no stranger to the comics—decided to offer his own little tribute to Jack Kirby’s skill. It’s pretty much dead-on correct. The rest of the tweets are below.


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You can hate the Daredevil movie all ya want, but y’now, at least they peppered it with some respectful Kirby easter eggs. NOTHING in the Marvel flicks that came out (and yes i know they were in court the whole time, and yes i know of the big group circle in avengers). For all the Stan Lee cameos, and excelsior this, and Tales to Astonish that... next to nada to acknowledge his maaaaaassive contributions.

i just hopefully wish one day they can go in and add some Kirby circles; i so miss my Kirby circles!