Guide to Recent U.S. Generations, Including Elusive Anti-Anti-Utopians

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Joshua Glenn, the brains behind Boston Globe blog Brainiac, has written a fascinating essay on U.S. generations — you know, like the Boomers and Generation X, two groups who considered themselves the most futuristic and modern types around. But Glenn argues that there are a lot of hidden generations that haven't gotten much play despite their influence in the twentieth century, like the Anti-Anti-Utopian generation right before the Boomers. Among his picks for influential Anti-Antis are Muppets creator Jim Henson and scifi great Samuel Delaney. [Brainiac]

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Interesting; he's really thought this stuff through. I particularly like the balance drawn between the dystopian tendencies of the Postmoderns (who were born during the depression, were children during WWII and were young adults during the Cold War) and the refusal to abandon at least the idea of some greater future by the subsequent Anti-Anti-Utopians.

Keep in mind that he also redefines both the Boomers (b. 1944-53) and Gen X (b. 1954-63), narrowing the range and pushing Gen X back substantially.

All such markers are ultimately imperfect of course, but he seems to be analyzing the issues more thoughtfully than most.