Guests Will Play Spider-Man in Galactic's Space Hotel

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The Galactic Suite Space Resort is scheduled to open its doors in 2012, and is already taking reservations. And there's more to your space vacation than watching the world go by; there's also wall-climbing fun and tropical island time.

Barcelona-based Galactic Suite Ltd is currently building a small, orbiting hotel, which they claim will be open for business in 2012 (a timeline many people doubt). The initial hotel will be a single pod that can house four guests and two astronaut pilots, and will orbit 450 km above the Earth. The current pricetag is three million euros for a three-day stay, but that includes more than transit and a place to rest your weightless head. Guests will also spend eight weeks on a tropical island training for their vacation missions.

Once aboard the pod, guests will travel around the world once every 80 minutes and watch the sun rise and set 15 times a day. And, if they get sick of floating around the pod, guests will be wearing Velcro suits that will allow them to crawl along the walls.


So who is funding all this extraterrestrial fun? It sounds vaguely supervillainous, but Galactic Suite would only say that an anonymous billionaire had funded the project to the tune of $3 billion.

Space hotel says it's on schedule to open in 2012 [Yahoo! News via Reddit]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I am going to have to wait till the dollar gets a little stronger against the euro before I can convince the wife on this one. #spacehotel