Guess Who's Showing Up In The End Of Iron Man 2?

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At the end of Iron Man, Samuel L. Jackson made his splashy debut after the credits, as the big-screen Nick Fury. With Iron Man 2, you'd better stick around until the end as well. And there's a splashy new featurette!


According to Italian site Bad Taste, IM2's after-the-credits Easter egg will reveal both Captain America and Thor. Plus the Avengers get name checked, as opposed to being referenced as the "Avengers Initiative," as Fury called it in the first movie. We're not sure 100% what that means — but here's hoping it means someone or something lists every member of the team.

Now here's the confusing part — isn't Cap supposed to be still frozen in this timeline? Maybe Fury is just giving Stark the plans to go after the new Avengers team, which would actually match up with going back and telling the back stories of both Thor and Cap. Also this whole timeline issue could be cleared up with one easy "Two Years Later" caption. As far as Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth showing up on screen, we're willing to bet it's just a picture of the two, and not an actual appearance. I can see it all now: Jarvis gets uploaded with the info and quickly flashes the soon-to-be Avengers' pictures, followed by location, age, name, etc. Causing millions of fans to rush to their computers to screencap each image.


In other news, Entertainment Tonight just released this Pepper-and-Tony-focused IM2 video, filled with witty Robert Downey Jr. banter.

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Hm.. I'm not quiet sure how Thor will fit into the more or less realistic tone of the Iron Man movie... I assume we meet a certain Dr.Blake, not a fully clad God of Thunder...