Yet another not-so-friendly face is coming back into Chuck's life. Creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fredak sat down with us, and the lovely Yvonne Strahovski, to give spoilery details about Chuck's future. Spoilers ahead.

Jordana's Brewster is back as Dr. Jill Roberts. This may make some of you happy and others (like Graeme) sad. I am always for more Brewster, but only if she's just about killing young Chuck; I don't need any of that, "You're my only hope" nonsense. But still, it'll be good to see what the return of Roberts does to little flopsey-haired's psyche. Oh, and you get to meet Jeff (Scott Krinsky)'s sister, which is pretty fantastic as he's a total lunatic (or at least looks like one). So it should be interesting to see what his sister looks like.

But also interesting is the new "gamechanger" ending that the show's creators are working on...


Josh Schwartz: Not writing [the second season finale] as if it's a finale at all. It's actually what they call in the TV business a "gamechanger" of an ending. It's pretty mind blowing, it's going to be really fun. It's something we've been talking about for over two years now. It's going to launch the show in a really exciting, very different direction next year.

Chris Fedak: We knew about this ending so we kind of designed the entire season around it. We're really excited and it pretty much just propels us into season three, and we won't tell you anything more about it.

So who's gonna die? That's our guess as to what's happening. It had better not be Adam Baldwin (Casey) or there will most likely be riots. My guess is, the sister... and then Chuck is on a mission for revenge for the entire next season.


Meanwhile at the panel the official New York Comic Con Chuck panel the gang assembled to debut a quick reel of new footage and talked about Obama is trying to ruin Chuck (meanie) and gab about Yvonne Strahovski sexy new outfits.

The crew also debuted a few new footage bits with Scott Bakula, Chevy Chase clips with Bakula selling the role as Chuck's papa (but they didn't show too much). Andy Richter popped up as Buy And More employee and Sarah is dating.