Guess who's coming back for next season's True Blood!

With the True Blood season finale less than two weeks away, we're all wondering: Who is going to die in the epic vampire battle that everything's been leading up to? You're going to be very surprised. Big-time spoilers ahead...

According to E! News a bunch of the newer characters are going to survive the finale, and they will be back next year. But the most important character returning is Denis O'Hare, who plays the Vampire King of Mississippi. We assume he's just stopping by next year purely as a victory lap, for all but saving the third season from boredom.


But according to E!, "don't expect to see Russell too early in the year. We have it on good authority (Alan Ball's) that initially witches will reign supreme." Ugh. Looks like we're all going to have to embrace the magic side of True Blood, try and try as we might to avoid it. Other characters returning include the magical Jesus, Lafayette's sexy new lover, shape shifting puppy brother to barkeep Sam, Tommy Mickens, and finally the new witch at Merlotte's, Holly Cleary. Played by Jessie from Toy Story 2.

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