Guess Who's Back In Star Trek Tie-In Comics!

Covers for the first issues of the Star Trek comics are out, and feature a character we didn't expect to turn up, plus a new look at the movie's villain, Nero. What does it mean?

The comic will connect the Star Trek: The Next Generation series with the J.J. Abrams movie. In fact, Abrams' team of writers is working on the comics as a whole. David Messina presented these first images on his blog so we could all gawk and stare at the wonder, and boy, does Data look grand. I'm pretty interested to analyze the in-between time and see what new story lines the crew can come up with.


Nero's issue is the first, and Data's is the second. I'm wondering how exactly Data can be in these comics, since they take place after the Nemesis movie. Or is this one of the android's duplicates, like B4 or Lore? It's sad to think we'll never get to see Data on the small or big screen again, as the actor who played him, Brent Spiner, no longer quite looks like an ageless android. Still, Messina does a great job capturing his likeness.

[David Messina via Trek Movie]

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