Guess Who Won't Show Up In Spider-Man 4?

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One of these beloved characters is coming back for Spider-Man 4, the other will have to spend the remainder of their days sucking the blood to regain their pale beauty off-set. Guess which is which?


Sorry vampire fans, the rumor you heard that super-vampire Morbius would appear in the next Spider-Man feature is false, according to an New York Posts interview with film producer Todd Black.

Black cleared up a lot of Spidey rumors, and confirmed that actress Kirsten Dunst will return bringing to life her joyless version of Mary Jane. Yay?

Also Morbius is NOT in the film, which makes me believe the next villain could be the Lizard (wishful thinking), or maybe Kraven the Hunter, since hairy beasts are so in these days.

And finally:

Contrary to online rumors, it doesn't look like the script will feature a wedding between Mary Jane and Peter Parker. Black had no knowledge of that subplot.

So no wedding, no vampire, and more Dunst....this is going to be another hard sell for me. But as long as it's as good as the first movie, I'll be happy. The superhero flick is scheduled for a release in May of 2011.


Meredith: The first movie was really good, but the second one is the masterpiece.