Guess Which Iron Man Character Co-Stars In Captain America. Plus Tron Poster And Transformers 3 Set Pics!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Captain America's villain, and a significant guest star, are confirmed. There are exciting posters for Tron Legacy and Splice. Behold Megan Fox on the Transformers set! Plus Lost, Doctor Who, I Am Number Four, V, True Blood, Stargate and Smallville.

Captain America:

Was there any doubt that Hugo Weaving is playing the Red Skull in this film? Well, then, doubt no longer. [Fancast]


Jon Favreau says that Tony Stark's dad, Howard Stark, will be in this movie, obviously in a much younger version than the 1974 version we see in Iron Man 2. And Howard is involved in the war effort somehow — possibly helping to create Cap's shield? In any case, there's speculation that Howard has a pretty big role in this World War II movie. [MTV]

Tron Legacy:

A new poster shows two lightcycles getting up close and personal. [MTV]

Illustration for article titled Guess Which Iron Man Character Co-Stars In Captain America. Plus Tron Poster And Transformers 3 Set Pics!

Transformers 3:

Here's your first glimpse of Megan Fox on the film's set. So far, she doesn't look like she's been blown up by Decepticons or anything. [SpoilerTV-Movies]


So we reported the other day that Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey was joining this movie's cast. Now it turns out he's playing Megan Fox's boss, in a role that's integral to the plot. [EW]


Here's a new teaser poster, showing off the human-animal hybrid Dren. [ShockTillYouDrop]


I Am Number Four:

D.J. Caruso's film adaptation is almost ready to start filming in Pittsburgh. The film put out a call for extras who can pass for students at the high school where the alien fugitive Number Four aka John (Alex Pettyfer) poses as a student, only to risk blowing his cover by falling in love with a human girl (Glee's Dianna Agron.) The film is also looking for extras who can be police and fire personnel, reporters, and townspeople. [Pittsburgh Live]


Doctor Who:

Some more pictures from "Vampires Of Venice." [SpoilerTV]

Arthur Darvill, who plays Rory, says that when the Doctor shows up in "Venice" and drags him into the TARDIS, Rory's gotten on with his life and all but forgotten about meeting the Doctor in "Eleventh Hour." And for Rory, it's only been a short time since he's seen Amy. He spends most of episode six confused, but he does have an adventurous side which Amy brings out. "He gets a few moments to kind of show his mettle, and he almost ends up kind of being... more heroic than he's ever been in his life." And he says Rory has been jealous of the idea of the Doctor all his life, because Amy and Rory grew up together, and Rory really did use to dress up as the Doctor. And apparently it's official that both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will be back for season six, but Darvill's not sure if he's back or not. [Digital Spy]


True Blood:

The season opener will be called "Bad Blood" instead of its previous title, "Pack Of Wolves." [SpoilerTV]


Ashes To Ashes:

Some new promo pics from episode 3x06. [Den Of Geek]


There are three things in the season finale that will make your jaw drop — with disbelief, not because you're secretly a lizard person. Unless you are. [Fancast]


You won't actually see what the lizard people look like under their human skins until early in season two. If any. [TV Guide]


Something in the season finale will set up the tenth season's storyline. Also, this may not be the biggest finale, but it will be the most "iconic." [Fancast]


Stargate Universe:

Here are a buttload of pictures from episode 16, "Sabotage." [SpoilerTV]


This show's completed post production on its very final episode. [TV Guide]

Elizabeth Mitchell says her scenes in the finale offer some resolution to "a lot of the Juliet stuff," including the coffee date and her message to Miles. She adds, "What they chose to do was very satisfying, and what I shot was really interesting, so I can't wait to see it." [Fancast]


What's Alison Janney's role in next week's mysterious Jacob-M.I.B. episode? We've been hearing she plays the mother of both of them, but Evangeline Lilly says Janney actually plays "Mother Earth." Is she joking? We'll find out soon! [NY Mag]

Also, it's not true that none of the show's main leads appear in next week's episode. We will see three of the main characters in a throwback scene that proves the writers knew what they were doing all along. And we need to pay close attention to every little thing Janney says, because it's all super-significant. [E! Online]


We're not the only ones who got an interview with Daniel Dae Kim lately. He tells Parade Magazine that Ji Yeon plays a role in the final episodes, and hints that Ji Yeon could well be the mysterious candidate named Kwon. [Parade]

Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.


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"There are three things in the [V] season finale that will make your jaw drop"

Immediately followed with "what the frack is this crap?" if the rest of the season has been any indication.