Guess which Avengers cameo just got confirmed in Thor?

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Marvel screened some new Captain America and Thor footage at CinemaCon yesterday, and already the internet is a buzz with the secrets that were revealed. So who's the next big cameo, and what will happen to Captain America?


According to ComingSoon, the first Thor footage took place in Asgard, which was about in the middle of the film. Interesting, because that would mean that Asgard isn't only featured at the start of the movie, before Thor comes to Earth. It sounds like we'll be returning to this planet (EDIT: realm) more than once.

Odin is yelling at Thor, clearly pissed that his self righteous son is continually putting himself and Asgard in danger. Odin raises Mjolnir and bellows the famous line from the comics: "Whomever holds the hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." Fantastic. Many critics have been agreeing that the whole Asgard back-and-forth positively smacks of director Kenneth Branagh's previous Shakespeare work. Which could either be a very good, or very bad thing, depending on how it works with these characters. But they are gods, so some bellowing is to be expected. Odin then strips Thor of his fancy dress and powers. And Thor is sent rocketing from Asgard to Earth, to be abruptly discovered by Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings in this scene from the trailer:

Dennings, Portman and Thor start their rough friendship. Lots of folks have commented on the immense amount of comedy that is being included in Thor. Dennings is basically the comedic relief, and Thor wavers from culture-shocked nube to downtrodden hero.


The next scene, however, was the big Easter Egg money shot. The world discovers Mjolnir, and soon enough, Agent Coulson is on the scene — just like in the after the credits scene in Iron Man 2. Thor sneaks into the temporary complex S.H.I.E.L.D. has constructed around his grounded hammer. Naturally, he gets busted, and he gets into a fight with a gaggle of agents (the scenes you've seen of pissed-off Thor running around in the rain). According to ComingSoon, Coulson orders a special agent from above into some sort of crane — and it's Jeremy Renner, or as we now know him the Avenger Hawkeye! So that's pretty fantastic. And good to know that Renner isn't the super big reveal at the end of the film. Which means we can start speculating about the NEXT big Easter Egg!

As for the Captain America goodies. Well this is a bit more spoilery.

The first clip, they showed answered the big time period question. How much of Captain America was going to be set during World War II, since The Avengers basically discover Steve Rogers frozen in the Arctic, preserved in time. Turns out, the opening of the film shows the icy discovery of Rogers.

The rest of the Captain America clips covered the big Super Soldier formula transformation, starring Stanley Tucci as Abraham Erskine, including a lot of skinny Rogers moments. The serum scene wasn't finished so a lot of the FX weren't done — which means you saw big Chris Evans pretending to be little. But it revealed a lot about how the crew was finishing up the FX, Cinema Blend likened it to Lord Of The Ring's Gimli, where instead of CG they just used camera tricks and ditches to shrink the actor. Which sounds a lot more promising than doing it all using CG animation.

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