There's a brand new super secretive J.J. Abrams project in the works, and this time the geek auteur is rumored to be working with Billy Ray, who wrote Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones. Let's play "guess Abrams' new mystery project!"

Deadline is reporting just the facts:

Paramount has acquired an untitled project that will team screenwriter Billy Ray with JJ Abrams and his Bad Robot banner. I'm told Ray and Abrams hatched the pitch together, and that it's a mystery adventure.


That's all, folks. So what could this mystery project be? Uncovering frozen aliens hidden in our volcanoes, a modern day lady Sherlock Holmes uncovers a secret government mind control device hidden in our favorite board game? (Hasbro could sponsor it with whatever board game they haven't sold off yet to a studio.) Maybe it's Finding Glory? Your guesses are as good as ours. And we'd like to hear them. Place your best guesses in the comments. Don't forget to include lens flare.