Gucci's Star Trek-Themed Fashion Reveal Looks Better Than Star Trek: Discovery

GIF: YouTube

You don’t see Gucci mentioned on io9 that often, given the Italian fashion house isn’t really into props or cosplay. But to help introduce its 2017 Fall and Winter fashion campaign, the brand created a short film inspired by the original Star Trek series. It’s wonderful, and we’d happily trade Star Trek: Discovery for a whole series of this.

The film also incorporates other elements from ‘50s and ‘60s science fiction, including the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Lost in Space, and The Valley of Gwangi, complete with Ray Harryhausen-like stop-motion dinosaur effects. There’s even a UFO that reminds of the 1986 film Flight of the Navigator, but without Paul Reubens.


The actual fashions in the film were designed by Alessandro Michele, and will presumably be showing up on catwalks, at Hollywood movie premieres, and hopefully more episodes of this video.

[YouTube via Hypebeast]

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No. It doesn’t. And why is io9 constantly trashing Star Trek: Discovery?

Wow it’s late. Wow it’s on CBSAllAccess. Wow Spock has a adopted sister now. Wow. I’m shaking with FEAR.

None of those things are reasons to doubt the quality of the show itself.