Guardians of the Galaxy's Villain Has A Bad Case Of Panty-Face

Illustration for article titled emGuardians of the Galaxy/ems Villain Has A Bad Case Of Panty-Face

Here's our first good look at Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser, the nefarious bad guy of Marvel's upcoming scifi adventure Guardians of the Galaxy, and... those are totally panties on his face. He has face-panties, and perhaps some kind of lacy garters holding them up. Okay then.


I saw this pic over at The Mary Sue, where they made the exact same joke; I swear to that I came to the same lingerie-based conclusion before I ever read their article text, although the only proof I can give you is that HE'S CLEARLY WEARING PANTIES ON HIS FACE AND THERE IS LITERALLY NO OTHER POSSIBILITY. But I also don't mind giving them full credit, because the TMS ladies are awesome.

Anyways. Panty-face. Is that why Ronan turned evil? Is that why he's accusing everybody all the time? Poor guys. I bet that gives Lee Pace a horrible wedgie in his chin-butt.

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Well, for comparison, let's look at actual panty face.

Notice how the garment completely covers the nose/mouth area. Is it possible we are dealing with crotchless panty face?