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We knew there would be some easter eggs and cameos in Marvel's new film Guardians of the Galaxy — but if a new report is to be believed, they include a character we never thought we'd see on the big screen again. Possible spoilers ahead...

So take this with all the grains of salt, but an unnamed source has supposedly leaked the list of cast credits for Guardians of the Galaxy to Stitch Kingdomand it includes a hint of Howard the Duck, as Howard creators Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik are thanked (which would mean GotG is a Howard the Duck movie reboot, more or less).


Also in the film: Cosmo the Russian dog. And Nathan Fillion is listed as playing a "Monstrous Inmate." Now, this could be code for some cult favorite Marvel character, but the credits seems to spell out other cult favorite Marvel characters. There's also an appearance by Cosmo the Russian spaceflight test dog (whom Fillion was once reported to voice.)

Other cameos include director James Gunn as "Maskless Sakaaran", Stan Lee as "Xandarian Ladies' Man", and Gunn favorite Rob Zombie as the "Ravager Navigator Voice", whatever the hell that is.

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