Want to take a trip to Xandar, Morag, or Knowhere? Now you can—at least virtually—with the Guardians of the Galaxy travel site, which lets you explore each destination on Street View and shows us a great bar scene from the film.

Galaxy Getaways assures us that every vacation hotspot on Earth is garbage compared with the wonder of the cosmos and helps you plan your interstellar vacation. The travel video also takes us through some of the spots we'll be seeing in the film, including into the Collector's domain of Knowhere and a bar where it looks like Drax, Groot, and Rocket are gambling on something.


On the travel site, you can head to Xandar:



And Knowhere:

You can get a little more information about each destination (and the movie) and take a Street View tour at Galaxy Getaways.


Galaxy Getaways [via Comic Book Movie]