Guardians of the Galaxy Crushes Box Office Records With $94M Opening

Not long ago, people were convinced that Guardians of the Galaxy was too minor a franchise with too goofy a premise to succeed at the box office. Disney shut those critics up this morning, reporting a weekend haul of $94-million dollars – the biggest August opening of all time.


August's previous record-holder? The Bourne Ultimatum, which, in 2007, opened with a $69.2-million weekend.

GotG's colossal weekend makes its opening the third-biggest of the year, trailing just behind Transformers 4's $97.5-million release and Captain America: The Winter Soldier's $95-million opening. Overseas, GotG debuted to $66.4-million. For those of you keeping score at home, $65–70M is what the film was originally projected to gross here in the U.S.that it met that projection overseas, and outstripped it domestically by fifty percent, is huge. Just huge.


All together now: Oh. Yeah.


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