Gualagon Likes to Swim in Moonlight, Take Walks in the Sun, and Eat Power Stations

A bunch of kaiju-loving Germans have created a strange radio play about a giant monster named Gualagon, who looks like Cthulhu having a bad eye day. While the story of Gualagon exists only in audio format right now, the group who created the "Frankensteins Schreckensgigant" (or Frankenstein's Giant Horror) had whipped up a little CGI imagery to go with their classic monster tale. More Gualagon snaps below, including ones of him eating his favorite meals: skyscrapers and power stations.


Mmm, tasty mirrored building! Crunchy!

Ships are also good to eat. Especially oil tankers.


And who doesn't love a little stroll next to some power lines, especially if you can take a sip once in a while.


Obviously, power stations are the best source of food for kaiju, or at least the best source of "things the humans really don't want you to step on."

Undead Backbrain has provided a pretty good translation from the German of Gualagon's back story:

In 1966, just off the Japanese coast, the freighter Asahi Maru fights its way through a heavy storm, when something incomprehensible happens: the ship is destroyed and the only survivor maintains that it was destroyed by a gigantic kraken-like monster! Professor Tamblyn, specialist at the Serizawa institute in those forms of gigantism caused by radiation, examines the wreck of the ship and is dismayed to realise that a tremendous danger threatens Japan! While the military mobilises and naval forces patrol the coastline, reporters Keisuke Kusano and Isao Ogawa come upon traces of the monster Gualagon - and thereby put themselves in into deadly danger. Panic breaks out when the monster goes ashore on night and attacks Osaka… The race is on for scientists to develop new weapons to deal with the fright giant of Frankenstein! From the depths of the sea he comes! Inexorably, gigantically, all destroying!


An inexorable, giant, destructive creature from the sea? With tons of tentacles and multiple eyes? We can't wait to see the video trailer that the Gualagon crew has promised to post on its website any day now.

Gualagon [via Undead Backbrain] Thanks, averyguerra!


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