Grown-Up Harry Potter Is Tired of All This Wizarding Crap in the First Cursed Child Play Pics

We have the very first photos of the Potters in the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play. Ginny (Poppy Miller) looks like a perfectly normal adult, Albus Severus (Sam Clemmett) looks like an average Hogwarts student, and Harry (Jamie Parker) very much looks like he’s ready to toss this whole wizarding thing in a lake.

The photos debuted on Pottermore, accompanied by the thoughts of J.K. Rowling (she thinks they’re all amazing) and the cast. There’s nothing overly new in what they have to say—Miller has Weasley hair for the part, while Clemmett believes his robes are hand-me-downs from the elder Potter son, James. And Parker has this to say about Harry’s suit:

He’s wearing a suit because he’s a Ministry man, but he’s not just a bloke in a suit, that’s way too anonymous. And it sounds strange but we talked around a lot of different suits, because there are suits and suits, and a lot of them we put on and we went “Mmm it’s just not right.”


Shouldn’t he be in robes if he’s a Ministry man? Anyway, see the cast in all their glory below, and search out Harry’s barely-visible wand. Which isn’t a euphemism, I swear.


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