Groundhog Day-inspired thriller offers young addicts a life without consequences

It seems like every low-budget science fiction movie is about time travel. There's Rian Johnson's Looper, Duncan Jones' Source Code and the Timecrimes remake. And now there's Repeaters, a Groundhog Day-esque thriller that just put out its first trailer.


The above list is just a partial one — I'm pretty sure there have been other upcoming low-budget time-travel films mentioned lately, but I couldn't dig them up.

Repeaters is having its premiere in a couple weeks at the Toronto International Film Festival, and the first trailer makes it look like a lot of dark, nasty fun. According to a plot synopsis posted by Cinematical, the film follows three rehab patients who are given a one-day pass to make peace with their families — and it's a pretty horrible day. Kyle (90210's Dustin Milligan) struggles to reconnect with his sister, Sonia (Amanda Crew) avoids her sick dad (who then dies), and Weeks (Richard de Klerk) goes to visit his violent dad in prison. And then this awful day just keeps repeating, over and over, while the three young people confront the reality of a life with no consequences whatsoever. It sounds like it could be pretty powerful stuff.

Here's the trailer, posted by HitFix:


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