Grotesque Mother Brain and Bowser sculptures add nightmare fuel to Nintendo games

Metroid's Mother Brain didn't really need to be any more horrifying than she already was, but artist Cig Neutron decided to amp up the ugly with his sculpture of the blue eyeshadowed space pirate. And he's got a pretty freaky rendition of the Mario Bros. villain Bowser to boot.

Neutron based his Mother Brain on her appearance in the cartoon series Captain N: The Game Master, giving the brain in a jar a deformed body. You can see the uncensored version (with nipple) at Neutron's site. He also has some spectacularly sleazy monster sculptures of his own invention — creatures known for binge drinking and butt-grabbing. My personal favorite is Bingebug, a parasite that attaches itself to a hosts head and forces it to consume loads of drugs and alcohol. You can also purchase many of Neutron's sculptures (including a Bingebug beanie) from his Etsy shop.

Insane in the Motherbrain! (NSFW) [The Sleazy Universe of Cig Neutron via Xombie Dirge]

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