Grimy Viking-Monster Battle Movie Still Has No U.S. Release Date

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Here's a new still from Outlander that showcases its awesome mix of Viking regalia, space armor and dirt. This saga about vikings fighting a space monster, starring Jim Caviezel, just debuted at Cannes and has a release date in France and Russia, but the U.S. release date remains shrouded in mystery. A gallery of new stills featuring Caviezel all done up in Viking garb, with his fur-trimmed army, after the jump.


Here's the storyline for Outlander: Spaceman Kainan (Caviezel) crash lands his ship onto Earth smack dab into Viking times. Unfortunately for our ancestors Kainan is carrying a nasty alien monster, the Moorwen. The monster has been in an all-out war with Kainan and his kind, and is now seeking her revenge on Earth's people. Kainan must lead an army to best the beast, or face death by her claws. We already showed you the concept art for Moorwen, but here are some new stills.


Outlander received scattered reviews from the Cannes debut, some praising Caviezel's work, others mocking the CGI alien. But I have high hopes for any movie that pins Vikings against alien monsters.


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the fact that this film was finished at all is a testament to the filmmakers...or, you know...Satan...

this was a gong show from day one.