The name of this episode was "Game Ogre" because it was about Ogres. And that pun perfectly exemplifies just how lazy Grimm has become. At what point are we going to develop these characters beyond just giving them sassy quips and hobbies? Screw it, let's just run a gavel through a judge's head. FAIRY TALE MURDERS!

This week an escaped convict (who is secretly an Ogre) runs around killing all the people who put him in prison. He's super strong and has "dead nerves" or something, so yeah, he's basically an Ogre. Unfortunately for Nick's partner, whom I know nothing about other than he's a seriously shit cop, he was the arresting officer on the case. Which means HE'S NEXT. But that doesn't happen because every single creature in this fairy tale world is swiftly disposed of by the model cops with no regard for the actual law or common sense. We've seen this before; every monster of the week comes and goes, but sadly doesn't add a drop of depth to any of the recurring characters. Sure Grimm is fun, I won't deny that. But this stuff is starting to get old fast. Whatever happened to that hilarious gopher man who fixed Nick's fridge and then made all his friends "look at the Grimm." That was funny, and it opened up this fairy tale world. Can we have more of that?


True, this was easily the most brutal and grim of all Grimm episodes. A man was stabbed in the face, the Ogre blew up a car, Nick was beaten horribly in front of his girlfriend Juliet, who then had to go home to an empty and totally destroyed home (great moment), but what are we learning about Nick? What about his evil boss? And why does his idiot partner insist on facing the Ogre alone? Bad idea jeans, buddy, but then again, this is really par for the course for this show.


Pilates Wolf stopped by and was generally awesome. That was great. I learned something about watches, not much about Pilates Wolf. My favorite part was when he found out the entire history of the watch attached to the dead body and the police officers told him to shut up and just skip to the end. Good policing, fellas!

Overall, this series needs to start pushing the bigger story here, and fast. Open up this world. How about one episode where Nick spends the whole hour sorting through the magical problem-solving Grimm trailer? Throw in some flashbacks of the Aunt and Nick? I know she hinted at Nick being basically alone all of his life, I'd like to know more about the human version of Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. He seems nice.