Grimm reveals Hitler's true identity

Finally a Grimm episode that unzips its fairy tale pants and screams, "get a load of this." While I'm not sure the folks behind this episode were hoping for screaming laughter from the audience, that is exactly what they got from me. And I absolutely loved it.


After weeks and weeks of the Four Ms of Grimm we finally got something new. Thank Christ, I needed this. True the magical letterman jacket coins that make the people crazy has been used before, but it's a trope for a reason, because it's fun to watch. And after Generic Partner Cop stated that he knew the murdered jeweler because he got his "second" engagement ring from the victim, I was ready to jump right out the window. Thankfully, Grimm introduced three little coins and one Titus Welliver, who was playing a bird.

First off, Welliver is criminally underused in all forms of entertainment everywhere. This man is a goddamn gem. He actually pulled off "untrustworthy bird monster." But I'm getting ahead of myself, so back to the coins. Apparently the little coins give their owner the power to control the masses, which is bad if you give it to someone like Hitler — MORE ON THAT LATER. Generic Partner Cop freaks out almost immediately upon contact with the coins; it was great watching him do something other than make terrible puns about murder with Sgt. Wu (who was also back this episode so yay for Wu).


Moving on. Captain Motherfucking Renard finally gobbles up the coins and the next day shows up to work in full dress blues. Any time spent with this character is fantastic, and this was just a total delight. I'm pretty sure Renard is the bad guy, but with plotlines like this perhaps Grimm is setting us up for a little big bad switcheroo. Probably not, which is a shame as I really enjoy watching Sasha Roiz. No offense Nick, but your Prince Eric looks only get you so far, the audience needs to see you emote.

Nick finds out that Welliver used to date his crazy Grimm Aunt, and we discover that his parents EDIT: were murdered (they DIDN'T die in a car crash and are apparently Grimms). Alas that is all the backstory we have time for because there's a struggle for the coins, yada yada yada. Nick strips Welliver of the coins and cackles, "You're never going to find them!" Because he hid them in a really great hiding place: his Aunt's trailer. No one will think to look in the magical trailer.

But the best part of this entire episode was the big Hitler reveal. Turns out these magical coins are what influenced the WHOLE Nazi party (sort of), and if you look at Hitler's jacket, you can see coin face buttons with the swastika and the Lion. Nick screens a bunch of old timey Grimm footage only to discover that HITLER IS A CG MONSTER! This is the type of schmultz that I drink up, eclipsed only by Nick's dead-face acting. Thank you and goodnight, Grimm.

Until next week, when we meet the Platypus and Anteater vessens (this show is almost out of animals; it could happen).


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Waited for this review Meredith but how can you not mention the captain's silk jammies, his silk bedding and his speaking French? He is the Continental! Best episode yet, and if Titus Welliver comes back to fill in more blanks that's a good thing.