After three strong weeks in a row, Grimm falters with "The Big Hunt." It's not a reversion to the Wesen-o'-the-Week formula, thank goodness, but it involves three separate plots that never come close to approaching each other, and all of which could have been condensed.

Seriously, I can make this recap even quicker than last week's:

• There's a Wesen running around killing men in uniform and scalping them. He is not caught.


• Alexis Denisof asks Adalind about her baby, who is pressing his face against her stomach. It's creepy.

• Monroe proposes to Rosalee, and then is forced to tell his parents. His parents come by — at 55 minutes into the episode — and get super-racist because their son is marrying a different kind of Wesen.

• Nick stops by Monroe's house and exacerbates the situation, being a Grimm and all.

Aaaaannnndddd… we 're done. 86 words. It admittedly helps my brevity that this was part one of a two-parter, but I can't help but feel we're going to watch the next episode and feel like they both could have been condensed into a really good single episode.


I'm not trying to be glib — okay, I am, but I didn't dislike the episode. But Grimm has been showing levels of Buffy-esque quality — not at that level, of course, but on the right track — this season, and now I want to hold it to a higher standard.


Assorted Musings:

• Who else knew that Monroe was proposing the minute Rosalee said "that place is so expensive"? They did trcik me by saving the actual proposal for the clock, though.


• That said, the talking clock was pretty fucking creepy. It seemed like Rosalee was also creeped out, while being deeply touched, while I appreciate.

• The conversation at the dinner about their first woges... oy vey.

• Nick and Hank's informed assessment upon seeing the highway patrolman has been scalped: "That's bad."


• Oh, Juliette also emailed Nick's mom and gets a vague response. 90 words. I assume this will come up again later. Although I do appreciate Juliette is getting shit done, though.

• Stefania gives Adalind some crazy thing to chew on to help with her demon baby trying to crawl out of her stomach. I seriously hope Stefania is just trolling Adalind with the world's most elaborate, meaningless prank.


• The Wesen who keeps taking all the scalps is doing it for honor and to make the world's ugliest jacket. Look, Grimm, I know you're a show about real-life fairy tale monsters, but that's fucking ridiculous.

• Grimm returns February 28th, after the Olympics. See you then, if, you know, you can survive the stress of this cliffhanger.


• I know you think it's cute, Grimm, when you end the episode with a crazy caption like "The F#$k?" but it's not. Stop it.

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