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Grimm gets kind of grim as our hero murders a dude

Illustration for article titled emGrimm/em gets kind of grim as our hero murders a dude

The second episode of the third season of Grimm was better than the first, although that might be because this felt like the second-half of a two-hour premiere — a premiere that should have been cut down to one hour, but whatever.


Nick is still a zombie asshole drunk soccer hooligan, so he tries to attack the family from the end of last week’s episode; this is shot in traditional horror movie style, and seeing our protagonist to break down the door to menace two adorable little girls is a nice touch. Eventually, Hank and Monroe show up and trap Nick in what must be the world’s sturdiest barn until Renard, Rosalee and Juliette show up to administer the antidote.

It’s takes another dose and a long amount of time, but Nick eventually does get better, but can’t remember anything he did while under the influence of Baron Samedi goo. Juliette and the others take an excruciatingly long time telling Nick he beat them and many, many other people up during his rampage, but he eventually gets told.


What they don’t know is that one of the participants in Nick’s bar brawl has died, making Nick a murderer. This is by far the most interesting development in the episode, but dealt with in traditional Grimm fashion: Someone tells Renard. Renard tells Hank. Hank and Renard tell everyone else, so we hear the same information three separate times. And they get their story straight — the lunatic was Thomas Shirach, the fake name on the fake passport Renard’s brother had made to smuggle Nick out of America. The only person they don’t tell Is Nick, because he’s feeling a bit fragile.

Of course, they don’t try to prevent Nick from finding out, because Renard tells the two detectives investigating the murder to talk to Juliette and Rosalee (they were all witnessed at the bar). The detectives interview Rosalee — who gives the full story she and the other’s have concocted — then Juliette, who also repeats all the same story, just in case we missed it, but also with almost the exact same words, but whatever. Of course, Nick is there when the detectives arrive, and they casually announce the murder, in what is mere hours after they all decided Nick shouldn’t know about it.

Nick goes to the precinct to turn himself in. Hank tries to stop him and fails. Renard shows him the footage of the bar fight he stole, and points out the dude who died was the guy who pulled a knife on him and even if he was in a drunken soccer hooligan rage, it was still technically self-defense. So Nick doesn’t tell the cops and feels really bad about it, even though he’s a Grimm who needs to protect the human race from the monsters hidden amongst them, which you might think would be a more important calling than serving a jail sentence, but again, whatever.

The second interesting thing in this episode is that Renard has his brother Eric murdered. If I sound like I don’t think this shocking, momentous plot development isn’t that momentous, that might be because it happens entirely off-screen. Seriously, Renard sees it on the news. I understand Grimm has a budget, but really? You’re just going to kill off (or even pretend to kill off) a major antagonist with some schmo Renard asked? Ugh.


Oh, and Adalind is still doing gross shit to try and kept her Hexenbiest powers, and still not achieving anything. The last bit includes rubbing Frau Pech/dead flowers juice on her tummy.

Assorted Musings:

• I estimate the chances of Nick finding out next episode that the dude died of some kind of medical condition that could have happened at any moment, so that Nick isn’t a murderer to be 93%.


• Adalind seems kind of squeamish for a Hexenbiest. She’s a witch, right? And this is a witch ritual? Seems like she’d be more used to fucking around with rotting corpses, is all.

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I'm hoping all the stuff Adalind is doing is going to be revealed as a hilarious prank. Gurl, you can't just get your powers back!

Renard's mom called. She's happy Eric appears to be dead. Sounds like she doesn't call as often as she should. Maybe you should ask how Sean's doing, huh mom?

1. I thought the passport said "Thomas Bailey." But let's say they did use the name found in the passport. Who has the passport? What if someone sees it, finds the name and Nick's picture? That might lead to trouble.