First off, very sorry I wasn't around two weeks ago to write about "Tarantella" which had one of my very favorite actresses in it, Angel's Amy Acker. It was a fun episode with fantastic death scenes and a lot of good lookin' spider human faces. However, I did feel as if the episode never really bridged the gap between the gore and Acker's spider problem. True, we witnessed a stirring sob fest after she sucks out the liquified organs of her first victim, but I never really felt for her or her family. Something was missing. But it was close; I almost wish that she was the one that got away. Acker's such a fun talent, and I hope she can later be utilized in a grander scale. For example, does anyone remember Olivia d'Abo's recurring role as Nicole Wallace in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Damn that character gave me the chills. Grimm has established that it's not afraid to go dark. Now let's give Nick some psychos to play around with. Creatures that can't be easily disposed of in one tidy episode. Captain Sean Renard's secret dark dealings may not be enough to pull us through. I want a character that can play with Nick's past, really get under his skin and mess up that pretty Prince Eric face of his. All in all, it was a nice episode. Plus, Acker's not officially dead so maybe there's still hope for her yet.


Moving on, to this week's episode. "Last Grimm Standing," has finally helped me crack the Grimm code. Behold, the Four M's of Grimm:

Murder - Every week we start out with a graphic fairy tale murder. And to the show's credit, cheap old fart jokes like "death by flash mob" have now been thankfully cast aside for real gore such as death by spider vomit.
Magical Trailer - Nick goes to his magical trailer that has all of the answers, gets some of the answers.
Monroe - Nick asks Pilates Wolf to do his job. Note: Magical Trailer and Monroe are sometimes (but not very often) swapped in order.
Melee - There is a fight, Nick wins.


This happens every week, and I'm not going to give Grimm too much crap for it as it is a magical police procedural, so some redundancy is expected. But we gotta stop leaning on the magical trailer/Monroe crutch sometime soon. Or at least use them in different manners. I'm still waiting for the episode that takes place entirely inside the Magical Trailer with flashbacks, or Nick gives himself magical hives that explode into a giant puss bomb because he was fiddling around with the wrong magical potion in said trailer. Let's play with what we've got!

Tonight's fractured fairy tale was inspired by fable about the Lion and the Mouse. Which means a Lion-faced fella named Leo (REALLY??) runs an undercover vessen thunderdome. Yada yada yada, Monroe gets thrown in the ring and Nick has to save him by taking his place. We all saw this coming. What was nice was Monroe's dialog. When Nick blandly shouts out "Bring it On!" to his attackers Monroe quips, "Don't say that." If only all of the characters on this series could be as savvy as Monroe.

What we also learned was that Nick has mad sword skills and possibly super powers when Monroe instructed him to "call upon his [Grimm] ancestors." So maybe Nick has superpowers, we don't really know. The one thing Nick does know how to use is his reputation. Happy to see Nick scaring the local fairy freaks and using their terror for his benefit. No, it's the smart thing to do and we're happy Nick has the brains to use it. I would actually be into an entire show of Nick just scaring the shit out of fairy folk.

Meanwhile Captain Renard gets a priest to eat the Leo because he doesn't respect his authority. And even though I loved, loved, loved the scene in the confessional I too am starting to lose my Renard tingles. Sasha Roiz is a bad ass, but the mystery behind Renard is so vague it's borderline boring. If you're going to make some insane priest do Renard's dirty work for him, please give us a reason or some crazy chill-inducing gore. Give us some hints so we can get excited! I'm not giving up on the big story arc just yet. Because I'm still curious to see if his partner is dating the blonde goblin thing (remember her?) and I'd like to know more about these reaper fellas so let's start getting to know the big bad! Please?


And there you have it, fun violence and potentially fun bigger plots in the works. Plus the audience was treated to some quality one-on-one Monroe time, which is always aces in my book. But we're ready for more Grimm, so much more! It's time for the big pay off, you've got the cast now get cracking on the bones of a great story. We believe in you!

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