After two resoundingly mediocre episodes peppered with fun monsters and a Pilates Wolfman, this weekend's Grimm took a nose dive for the not-so-good. This week's episode was titled "BeeWare." The big monsters in this episode? Bee People. Their preferred way to murder their victims? Death by flash mob.

So Grimm starts out on some sort of public transit system where a bunch of folks warily stare at one another, instantly making the audience assume there's some sort of nefarious terrorist plot afoot. But no, it's much worse. One dude pops out a giant boom box and the whole train starts dancing to "YMCA." Ha ha ha, so funny, timely and clever, right? Totally right.

But wait! The flash mob is actually a diversion for a Bee People to attack their prey! In the midst of the epic "YMCA" dance party, a woman is stabbed by a bee person and dies. It's explained in some clunkiest dialogue I've ever watched. Forget the fat jokes, that sports fans banter is just foul. And this was only the beginning! Later on, Nick and his partner (a.k.a. He-Who-Should-Be-Killed-Off-Now) ask Sgt. Wu if he can intercept a text message from a suspect's phone. Wu responds, "Of course I can, I'm Asian!" Yipes.


Oh right, the Bee People. So anyways it turns out the Bee People weren't killing off "bad" humans but Hexenbiests, a.k.a. the blonde girl who tried to kill Nick's Aunt and stabbed him with the poison. Thus Nick is forced to protect the woman who tried to murder him and doesn't tell anyone she tried to kill him! Isn't Nick a well-respected detective? Wouldn't people take his word that this was the woman who TRIED TO KILL HIM? There is definitely a videotape that can corroborate at least part of his story. I know you can't see her face but the hair, height, legs, maybe even the shoes could back him up a little maybe. I don't know. Instead they had a noble stand down and Nick saved her life at the hands of the Queen Bee who said she was killing these things to protect Nick the Grimm.

While the Bee People were cool enough looking and clearly pulled from the lesser-known Grimm story Queen Bee, I didn't feel like we got to know them at all. I wanted to see more of their awesome hive and how they communicated. Instead we got a guy on his cell phone that was conveniently covered in a black and yellow case. The Queen Bee was pretty awesome-looking too — they should have given her more than one episode.

Overall, this episode just felt forced. It felt like someone had created a cool monster but didn't know how to fit them into the plot. The stand down between the blonde Hexenbiest and Nick proved pretty intense, and I still think the actor playing Nick knows how to bring it when he needs to. Perhaps his kindness to this Hexenbiest creature will sway whatever danger is coming his way?


Pilates Wolf showed his face for a bit to tell some funny jokes, but we didn't have nearly enough time with him. Thankfully, the next episode looks to have a strong helping of Pilates Wolf. Fingers crossed Nick gets kicked off the force and teams up with Pilates Wolf for a rollicking on-the-road series. I'd watch it.