Does anyone care about Nick and Juliette getting married? This week's Grimm was nearly perfect, had they not ended with the assumption that anyone gives a flying fig about Nick's relationship with Juliette. It may be time to turn this relationship into a gingerbread man, and then smash it with a hammer. But all that nonsense aside, holy cats, this episode was great, great, great. So great that it brought the internet sensation Ninja Cat to life! Watch Ninja Man Cat in action right now!


What was supposed to be Nick and Juliette's big marriage proposal getaway, turns into something entirely more interesting. Nick finds a Seltenvogel (a golden bird creature who makes gold eggs in its throat) under the lock and key of a Klaustreich (a dick creature who is basically a giant alley cat). Let's just call him Klaus for short.

You see, Klaus has been basically "mining" this poor bird creature for her golden egg, force feeding her a worm milk and mold drink in this horrifying feeding apparatus. It was brutal. Nick and Juliette see this spousal abuse and investigate, which leads to the above grocery store scene, in which Klaus recreates the Ninja Cat Stalk. Its marvelous, and totally ridiculous.


Besides the incredibly interesting pair of wessen (this is the first fairy tale creatures I wanted to learn much, much more about; plus it was nice that the writers decided to have a little fun with the characters), Hank's side story is nicely developing. Hank's obsessing is reaching a violent breaking point. I wonder how Hank would react if she suddenly dumped him for another? Was this the chief's plan all along? Lure Hank into some sort of assault charge and gave Nick sell his powerful chin off to save his friend? Possibly? Just glad this plot is still churning along. And yes I did see Sgt. We eat the paper clip, let's all hope that leads to something interesting.

But in the end it's more of the same. Nick saves the day and pulls the golden egg out of the goose's neck. The bad guys get arrested and everyone goes home happy, right? NO. After Juliette and Nick's holiday was spoiled by the spousal abuse next door, Nick kind of throws the ring box at Juliette and asks her to marry him. It was sudden and pretty cold. We don't need a spectacle, but could you just act like you're interested in your girlfriend that you want to marry. Juliette rejects him because he's been distant lately. Nick attempts to cry.

I'm not sure why this wedding carrot was dangled for the audience? Juliette's character has been so poorly handled I just can't get excited for her. I don't know why these two love each other, or what they mean to each other? Clearly Juliette is a take-charge person; watching the Cat Vs. Bird fight sparked her to take action. Heck, she pulled out her gun. And yet she can't sympathize with Nick being gone all the time? He's helping people, saving lives! Plus, her reasoning behind not marrying Nick is that he's hiding something from her? Her rejection felt more like a pitch to keep Juliette around for the second season, desperately hoping for a "will they, won't they" kind of buzz. But the problem is, rejecting someone's marriage proposal is a lot more polarizing than rooting for Ross and Rachel to kiss. In fact, that's a deal breaker. We're going to need a heck of a lot more from Juliette to justify her rejecting her boyfriend of many years (of which she shares a home with) than "you're keeping something from me," to make us ever want to see her say yes.


Let's hope next episode starts with Nick kicking her the fuck out.