Warner Bros. threatens to remake Gremlins. And this time they may be serious.

Ain't It Cool News is reporting that Warner Bros. is "moving quickly" on the Gremlins remake. We've been hearing about this remake for years now — but AICN is implying that they are pushing the movie forward at lightning speed.


This is just one of the many 80s movies that is being pushed back into the spotlight. Just last weekend, it was announced that a Goonies sequel might be on the way. And Tim Burton has been moving forward on another Beetlejuice movie.

But the real hurdle here is Steven Spielberg (the executive producer on the original) and Amblin Entertainment who kind of needs to give his OK to a Gremlins movie. But the last time we checked in, he wasn't even aware of the rumors for a Gremlins reboot. So... we're not holding our breath.

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