Illustration for article titled iGremlins/i Director Joe Dante Will Make a Subterranean Supernatural Thriller

The most recent film from horror-fantasy director Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling, Explorers) was Burying the Ex, a zombie rom-com. His new project, Labirintus, sounds like it will be more seriously spooky in its tone.


Here’s the description of Labirintus, via Variety:

“Labirintus” tells the story of a paranormal investigator and psychiatric researcher, who join forces to explore an abandoned subterranean Soviet research facility, hidden within Hungary’s Budapest Labyrinth, the dark twisting catacombs beneath Buda Castle. When supernatural forces confound and torment the group, they begin to question their own sanity. To escape they must quash their fears and lead their team to find and destroy the dark heart of the maze.


No news on casting—though there’s gotta be a part for Dante good luck charm Dick Miller (pictured above in Gremlins), right?

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