We're finally going to learn more about Halo's mysterious Forerunners, at the hands of a master. Hugo- and Nebula-winning author Greg Bear is writing a new Halo trilogy.

According to a press release from Tor Books:

The first novel in this new trilogy will be published in early 2010. An unabridged audiobook edition will publish simultaneously with the new novel.

A science fiction icon and winner of the field's highest awards, Greg Bear has signed on to write three "Halo" novels set in the time of the Forerunners, the creators and builders of the Halos. Almost nothing is known for sure about this ancient race. Worshipped by the Covenant as gods, their engineering relics pepper the galaxy, and their connection to humanity remains unanswered. Devoted fans of both the books and games will finally get to delve deep into the era of these enigmatic beings, and discover for themselves the epic story behind one of the great mysteries of the "Halo" universe: the complete disappearance of the Forerunners from existence. "Greg Bear is truly a living legend of science fiction. To have him at play in the Halo universe will be exciting not just to Halo fans but to science fiction fans on a whole," says Eric Raab, Tor editor.