An eco-conscious Parisian hipster decides to fight litter by turning into citizen hero Le Greenboy. But then he meets the oil-loving Dirty Girl. Can he triumph over her, or will she be his downfall?

Jerome Genevray, creator of this short, writes to us from Paris:

I've made a video trailer (as a short cut) for a project that I'm going to produce [as a feature-length film]. "Le Greenboy" is a fun movie comic in Paris, with a super-normal-ecolo-hero. He's trying to educate the citizen with eco actions. You can watch the 3 minutes trailer here, made with few money but a lot of passion . . . The music is made by "we are enfant terrible", a french electro-punk group, well known in Paris.


The soon-to-be-feature stars Alysson Paradis, Diane Dassigny, and Aurélien Jégou as Greenboy. Keep in mind that when our hero makes the "L" sign on his forehead, it's not for "loser" - it's for "Le Greenboy."