Greenboy vs. Dirty Girl! Who will win?

An eco-conscious Parisian hipster decides to fight litter by turning into citizen hero Le Greenboy. But then he meets the oil-loving Dirty Girl. Can he triumph over her, or will she be his downfall?


Jerome Genevray, creator of this short, writes to us from Paris:

I've made a video trailer (as a short cut) for a project that I'm going to produce [as a feature-length film]. "Le Greenboy" is a fun movie comic in Paris, with a super-normal-ecolo-hero. He's trying to educate the citizen with eco actions. You can watch the 3 minutes trailer here, made with few money but a lot of passion . . . The music is made by "we are enfant terrible", a french electro-punk group, well known in Paris.


The soon-to-be-feature stars Alysson Paradis, Diane Dassigny, and Aurélien Jégou as Greenboy. Keep in mind that when our hero makes the "L" sign on his forehead, it's not for "loser" - it's for "Le Greenboy."

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May I say a big "N'importe quoi !".

You've just watched the worst of Paris Bobo's nepotism (blatant golden siblings name-dropping in the end of the article) trying to surf on the geek chic fashion and fail miserably. They hate us, and don't know fuck about our culture (a recent special report of the french public network was still associating video-games, mangas and superheroes comics with immaturity, Peter Pan syndrome and suicide).

His short won't be extended to anything, not only because it sucks, but because snotty parisians despise ecologists in a nimby way, and because in the uptight Sarkozy era, you don't get a movie with a hero rebelling against littering by tagging his logo on the monuments of Paris (wich doesn't make sense in the first place anyway).

You want French geeks, try looking over at Ankama or Nolife (tv channel) the leaders of the french resistance against the bourgeois mindset.