Green & Red Lanterns square off while Deathstroke appears on Young Justice

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This week in the world of cartoons, Obi-Wan's former love wages war against Death Watch & Darth Maul, a misunderstanding leads to a battle between the Green and Red Lanterns, and one of DC's great 1980s villains appears on Young Justice!

As always - minor spoilers ahead!

Young Justice: Invasion – "Fix"

Aqualad is about to get his mind read (and fixed) by Black Manta, but there's one problem — he's a double agent for Young Justice and the Justice League.


Meanwhile, Miss Martian finds a "define the relationship" talk interrupted by Deathstroke.

DC Nation's Farm League

One of the more unusual DC Nation shorts, Farm League is inspired by Ren & Stimpy the classic 1960s Batman series. I like this combination, darn it.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series – "Loss"

The planet Ysmault is holding a celebration to commemorate the peace between the Red Lanterns and the Green Lanterns.


Manhunters hidden on the planet could end their alliance and begin a Lantern war.

Hal Jordan conjured an emerald fishing pole to trap a Manhunter in the first clip, with the Lanterns heading to space to fight a cadre of Manhunters amongst an asteroid field in the second. Who is that secretive character appearing at the end of the second clip?


Adventure Time – "Mystery Dungeon"

Find yourself trapped in a magical dungeon from time to time? If so, this episode should feel familiar.


Ice King, Neptr, Tree Trunks, Shelby & Lemongrab unexpectedly wake up in a riddle-inscribed room within a dungeon maze.

Regular Show – "The Longest Weekend"

Mordecai and the gang go see a French film, "The Longest Weekend."

The storyline of the movie sends Muscle Man and Starla on a quest to test the strength of their relationship.


Ultimate Spider-Man – "The Rhino"

Click to view

The Rhino is after Flash Thomospn (who is currently Venom is the new Marvel Universe, but not in this cartoon...yet), but Power Man and Spidey step in to stop him.


Rhino and Beetle should join forces in a mech suit and call it rhinoceros beetle.

Tron Uprising – "No Bounds"

An impostor Renegade, Cyrus, is in Argon City attacking civilians, leading beck to choose between Tron and his friends. Beck's relationship with Tron has been rather rocky — who will he pick?


What looks like it could be the final episode of the series, "Terminal", airs Sunday night around midnight on Disney XD.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – "Just For Sidekicks"

It's a Spike episode! Spike convinced Twilight to let him baby-sit her animals — for some jewels.


Can Spike deliver on his promise?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Shades of Reason"

The Darth Maul/Death Watch team-up continues, with the Black Sun (you might remember them — it's the syndicate Xizor from Shadows of the Empire controlled) joining the contingent as they plan an attack on the planet of Mandalore.

Satine Kryze, Ducchess of Mandalore and one-time love interest of Obi-Wan Kenobi, rallies the people of Mandalore in this clip.


Top image courtesy of DC Nation and Cartoon Network. Green Lantern, Young Justice, and Clone Wars air Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network. Regular Show and adventure Time air Monday nights on Cartoon Network. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic airs Saturdays on the Hub. Tron: Uprising airs Sunday Nights around midnight on DisneyXD. Ultimate Spider-Man airs Sundays on DisneyXD.


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