DC Comics is releasing the massive Absolute Edition of Geoff Johns' best-selling Blackest Night mega-event this Wednesday, and io9 is proud to reveal the book's true cover.

The 2009 comics crossover event depicted the darkest prophecy in the DC universe mythos coming true, as Nekron and the Black Hand use their Black Power Rings to raise the superpowered dead โ€” heroes and villains alike โ€” to destroy Earth, the Green Lantern Corps. and all life in the universe.


The ultimate collection includes Blackest Night #0-8, Untold Tales of Blackest Night #1, Green Lantern #43-48 and 50-52, DC Universe #10, and the content of Blackest Night: Director's Cut #1. The Absolute Edition also includes character sketches, commentary from the event's various creative teams, the script for Blackest Night #1 and more. The book will be available in book stores and online next week โ€” you can pre-order it here โ€” or you can visit your local comic shop on Wednesday, July 10th.