Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Will Green Lantern wear a mask? How will Avatar 2 and Star Trek 2 ramp up the awesome? Who might be in The Avengers? How will Transformers 3's Bumblebee be different? Who's returning for the Lost finale? It's a spoiler!

Green Lantern:

Comic Book Movie had an unofficial set visit, during which they talked to an effects supervisor. They learned that the concept art we posted a while back is official, but early drafts. The logo you've seen in set pics is also an early version, and not the final logo at all. The movie's ring-constructs and other visuals are really designed to look awesome in 3-D. Hal will use a power battery to power his ring, like in the comics (but unlike in the recent animated movie.) And most importantly, Hal will have the all-important domino mask, unlike in that recent concept art. [Comic Book Movie]


Also, DC's Geoff Johns tells Comic Book Resources:

The movie looks fantastic. I'm heading back down to New Orleans in a few weeks, but I just watched the Abin Sur/Hal Jordan dailies, and it's amazing seeing that ring passed to Hal in live action. Abin Sur looks kick-ass.


[Comic Book Resources]

The Avengers:

Edgar Wright, who's the presumptive director of the Ant-Man movie, tweeted that he met with Joss Whedon, who's in final talks to rewrite and direct this team-up film. (As far as we know, Whedon's deal is not final yet.) Wright encouraged speculation, so here goes — is Ant-Man in the Avengers? Will Whedon help shepherd the Ant-Man movie into production? Who knows? (And yes, I know the headline above is potentially inaccurate — since Wright didn't say if the meeting was lunch or coffee. But "lunch or coffee" was too long for a headline.) [ScreenRant]


Avatar 2:

Yes, I know the sequel won't be called Avatar 2, but until we know the actual title, we're stuck with that. (I'm tempted to add "two shades of blue" after the numeral, but I won't.) Anyway, producer Jon Landau says:

We've always said that if the public wanted a sequel that we would do a sequel. That having been said, in my opinion, Jim has done two sequels in his career, and both times, he has at least equaled if not surpassed the original movie. We're only going to do it when we have a piece of material, a script, that we believe will be at least as entertaining and unique as the first movie was.


More at the link. [Coming Soon]

Star Trek 2:

John Cho says that Sulu "gets a lot sexier — and you're thinking, 'It's not possible.'... But that's where we're going." And then he bends over backwards to clarify that he's just joking, and he has no clue what's going to happen. There won't be any developments on the script until co-writer Damon Lindelof finishes with Lost. [TrekMovie]


Iron Man 2:

Comics artist Bob Layton is thrilled that not only does Tony have the "suitcase armor" in this new movie, but it's in the "Silver Centurion" color scheme of red and silver, which Layton devised. (And you can glimpse that armor in the most recent trailer.) [MTV]

Transformers 3:

Rumor has it that Bumblebee will be a Camaro convertible this time around. Which makes sense, since GM just put out teaser pictures of the new convertible, due out in 2011. Plus sources at ILM were talking about a new "upgraded" Bumblebee a while back. [TFW2005]


The Hobbit:

Peter Jackson says "we just delivered the script" to both parts of The Hobbit to MGM, which has not yet officially greenlit the project — but Jackson seems confident filming will begin before the end of the year. [Movieline]

Doctor Who:

Says new Doctor Matt Smith, "The [season] finale is one of the single greatest television moments I've witnessed, if I do say so myself." [MTV]


Smith also says episodes six and ten are both crackers. [Spinoff Online]

A new clip from episode four explains just why the TARDIS has been making the "wheezing, groaning" noise all this time:

Plus a new trailer:

The Walking Dead:

Frank Darabont MVP Jeffrey DeMunn is joining the cast of this AMC series — probably playing Dale, the car salesman who turns into a cradle-robbing survivalist, who's introduced in the third issue of the comic. [Fearnet]



A couple new promos for tomorrow night's episode, "We Can't Win". [The V Files]

Episode 10 will be called "Hearts And Minds". [The V Files]


Here are some promo pics for this week's "Hammer Of The Gods." [ShockTillYouDrop]


And a clip!

My jaw dropped when I read this synopsis for the season's penultimate episode, "Two Minutes Until Midnight":

BOBBY SELLS HIS SOUL TO HELP STOP THE APOCALYPSE/DEAN GOES HEAD TO HEAD WITH DEATH - Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) tells Bobby (Jim Beaver) he will give him the location of Death (guest star Julian Richings), the fourth horseman, in exchange for his soul. Knowing Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) need that fourth ring to stop the Apocalypse, Bobby reluctantly agrees. Sam and Dean confront Pestilence (guest star Matt Frewer), but he unleashes a deadly virus upon them, so Castiel (Misha Collins) must intervene on their behalf. Dean has a meeting with Death to discuss Lucifer, and an unholy alliance is formed at a very high price for Dean. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Sera Gamble




Producer Brian Peterson says Clark will have to choose between helping Zod and the Kandorians, or Checkmate. Chloe will have good reasons for chloroforming Lois. And Clark receives a mysterious package in the season finale — maybe a red and blue suit? Please? [Fancast]


The official description for episode 9x21, "Hostage":

IT'S THE RETURN OF MARTHA KENT AND PERRY WHITE – Much to Clark's (Tom Welling) surprise, Martha Kent (guest star Annette O'Toole) returns to Smallville with her new boyfriend, Perry White (guest star Michael McKean) in tow. Lois (Erica Durance) and Perry realize they are both working on the same story about the Red Queen, and decide to team up, which ultimately puts them in serious danger. Chloe (Allison Mack) helps Clark search for the Book of Rao, which they believe contains information on how to stop Zod (Callum Blue) and his army.

[Smallville PH]


A longer synopsis for episode 3x15, "Chuck Vs. The Role Model":

CHUCK AND SARAH TRAIN WITH A MARRIED CIA TEAM – FRED WILLARD ("ANCHORMAN") AND SWOOSIE KURTZ ("PUSHING DAISIES") GUEST STAR – Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) are assigned to train under Craig and Laura Turner (guest stars Fred Willard, "Anchorman" and Swoosie Kurtz, "Pushing Daisies"), a married CIA team who, despite their impeccable record, hate one another. The Turners' stormy relationship forces Chuck and Sarah to wonder if they're doomed with the same fate. Meanwhile, Casey (Adam Baldwin) must train the newest member of the team – Morgan (Joshua Gomez).


[Chuck News]

Stargate Universe:

Here are some promo pics for episode 14, "Human." [SpoilerTV]


Wired Magazine ran this picture of the writers' room, including a whiteboard with tons of detail on it. And there's some reference to a scene where Jack visits Bernard and asks about an accident that befell a patient. And a couple other snippets. [SpoilersLost]


A new promo for tomorrow night's episode:

There are a bunch of set reports and leaks. One set report says Walt is definitely back for the finale, and Ian Somerhalder says Boone is too. Also in it? Pierre Chang. The crew is filming at the chapel of Sacred Hearts Academy. People have spotted Jack's car from the "Kate we have to go back!" era, plus the mental hospital van. And we should expect "many echoes of season one" in the finale. [LylyFord and Zap2It and LylyFord and SpoilersLost and LylyFord]


A more detailed batch of set reports via Ryan with the Transmission Podcast. There was some filming at the police station, with no main castmembers spotted. And then filming at the ship museum (where I believe the sub is) including Kate, Miles, Hurley and Desmond — with the birth of a baby. (Claires? Or someone else's?) Then the show filmed scenes at the Ajira Airways plane set.

There's also a rock concert, where Pierre Chang and Daniel Faraday/Widmore get on stage and announce DRIVESHAFT!! In the audience at the concert: Kate, Desmond, pregnant Claire, David, Miles, Charlotte and Eloise. Eloise has another one of her lovely nurturing chats with Desmond, and Claire goes into labor. Kate follows Claire out of the concert.

Another scene being filmed involved Ben and a bunch of people in nice shirts and ties, plus a school receptionist — and both Richard Alpert and Walt were there! Also, a scene was being filmed at a church, and Kate was around — the vehicles parked near the church scene included Hurley's Hummer, Hurley's Camaro, an Oceanic Airways cargo truck, Jack's Ford, and the Santa Rosa van. (I'm wondering if the Oceanic Airways truck means they finally found Christian Shephard's coffin?)


Also, there was filming at the Hydra station, involving several people in Dharma jumpsuits and the rock concert promoter himself, Pierre Chang. [Transmission Podcast via Lyly Ford]

And here are some set photos to go with the set reports. [SpoilersLost]

Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth.