Green Lantern Set Pics, Inception Promo Pics, And A New Number Six. Plus Saldana Talks Pon Farr!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Hal Jordan's looking beat-up in Green Lantern pics. Photos from Nolan's Inception reveal nothing, but look awesome. I Am Number Four gets a star, and Zoe Saldana talks Spock/Uhura nookie. Plus Lost, Iron Man, Buck Rogers, Supernatural and Chuck spoilers!

Green Lantern:

Newly set pics may actually be from filming a while ago. Ryan Reynolds has the same bruising on his face as in earlier set pics. Also, the car may have stunt wires on it. [Pop Sugar via Comic Book Movie]


Star Trek:

Zoe Saldana — who, it must be stressed, still knows just as much as the rest of us about what happens in the sequel — says she thinks that the destruction of Vulcan will complicate things for Uhura's romance with Spock. Can Spock mate with a human, when he only goes into pon farr every seven years? Should he be trying to mate with pure Vulcans instead, to perpetuate the species? (Spock, obviously, being half-human already.) These are questions that'll have to be considered. [MTV]


Some more new pics from Christopher Nolan's mindbending new film. [Slashfilm]
[gallery 5521622]


Iron Man 2:

The War Machine armor is made by Stark but then hijacked by the U.S. government. In one scene, Justin Hammer lays out a dozen different weapons and asks Rhodey which ones he'd like to add to the purloined suit. "All of them," Rhodey replies. Says director Jon Favreau, "The fun part is the ridiculousness of it — just how many guns can you put on this thing? That's the fun part of this character. With the movie, we make this effort to make everything emotionally correct but you also really want to cut loose and have fun in the places where it seems consistent to the story we're telling. And with the design and fighting style of War Machine we really went to town." [L.A. Times]


Buck Rogers:

Director Paul W.S. Anderson says several times that he sees this as a very character-based movie, about an ordinary guy who's flung into the future. And he wants a big movie star for the lead role. [MTV]


I Am Number Four:

Blonde Australian actor Teresa Palmer apparently has no fear of being compared to Tricia Helfer. The Sorcerer's Apprentice co-star will appear in this movie about aliens in hiding on Earth, playing the character of Number Six. [Heat Vision Blog]


Nightmare On Elm Street:

Here are a buttload of pics from this upcoming remake. [ShockTillYouDrop]

Plus a new clip and TV spot:

Doctor Who:

A review of episode four, "The Time Of Angels," includes tantalizing hints. There are some new twists with the Weeping Angels, one of which resembles the horror movie Ringgu/The Ring. We get hints that River Song might be more than just the Doctor's wife, and might even be a future incarnation of the Doctor himself. (Although, why didn't she regenerate then?) Father Octavian, leading the group of soldiers, provides a fresh look at the "military leader" trope, as he clashes with the Doctor. The villains communicate using a device lifted directly from "Silence In The Library." And there's an improbable cameo at the start. More at the link. [Total Sci-Fi Online]


Steven Moffat talks River Song's return:

The tease continues in that you might start to wonder who she is to the Doctor. And maybe at first, you might start to doubt your first guess. At the same time, that first guess will sort of seem to be confirmed in a way because, although the Doctor is quite resistant to her in a way, primarily because he knows how she's going to die, which is a bit haunting for him...they're like a bickering couple, so, you know...there is quite a lot of story to come with that, and darker hints about who she is and who she might be.




Here's what happens in the season finale, according to Sera Gamble:

We're leading up to the big Death Match between Lucifer and Michael, which would cause the destruction of half the planet. Sam and Dean, of course, are trying to throw a wrench in the works - but these are the most powerful beings they've ever been up against, so their odds aren't great. Sam comes up with an incredibly risky Hail Mary to defeat Lucifer, which involves spending some very creepy, violent one-on-one time with the guy. Terrible for Sam, but pretty damn fun to watch.




In the season finale, someone from Chuck's past comes back to do him great harm. In fact, Chuck's life is on the line, only his dad can save him. There's a "faux facial hair" cameo, and the security of every major intelligence agency is threatened. Those last two things probably aren't related. [EW]


The next episode has more of the joy and magic of the show than some of the other, darker recent installments. And the Chuck/Sarah honeymoon isn't over by any means. They're fighting to hold on to the relationship they've managed to gain, against all odds. But their romantic European interlude is interrupted by a Basque terrorist on the train. More at the link. [Televisionary]

And there's a sneak peek from the next episode at the link. [E! Online]


Here's a sneak peek from next Tuesday's all new, all thrilling episode. [SpoilerTV]

True Blood:

Here's another poster for this show's upcoming third season. [EW]


Some promo photos for episode 19, "Course Correction." [SpoilerTV]


Daniel Dae Kim says the drama is not over for Sun and Jin, by any stretch of the imagination — they're going to face a lot of tribulation when the show returns in May. [TV Guide Magazine]


In the next episode, Jack has to decide whether to trust Smokey, who asks him to follow through on a difficult task. And guest stars include Charles Widmore, Anthony Cooper, Bernard, Helen, and some medical personnel. [Lyly Ford]

The show just filmed a scene where Locke ran along the beach waving a knife, wearing a black backpack. It wasn't clear if he was running from someone, or after someone. [SpoilersLost]


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Heh. Character based movie? When has Paul "Not the good one" Anderson done that? Video game character, sure, but a character based movie requires good writing and some intellect beyond knowing what shit to shred or blow up. You would probably need the other Paul Anderson.