Green Lantern Serves Up Equal Opportunity Exploitation

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The Green Lantern Corps is fighting a fierce war against the evil Sinestro Corps — and it's taking a toll on their tight spandex uniforms. In last week's issue of Green Lantern Corps, the evil followers of Sinestro totally shred the costume of the studly Sodam Yat. The result is exactly the sort of porno image that comics usually lavish on female heroes. (Click on the cut-off thumbnail for the full-length image.) And, as blogger Rachelle Goguen points out:

He could totally patch that suit up with his ring. He chooses not to.

The story continues in this week's Green Lantern. Another Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, emerges from the fear-eating monster Parallax totally naked. His fellow hero, Guy Gardner, uses his power ring to clothe poor Kyle — but only in a pair of tight-fitting boxer shorts. That's the kind of team spirit we like to see.

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Kevin Pratt

We argued back and forth in my Media and Culture class about stuff like this. The basic issue was the idea that sexploitation of women is bad, so what does it mean if we do it to men? Personally I don't mind it at all. Also, is it different if it's the hypersexualization of a female Starbuck (who can kick my ass any day) or any of Marylin Monroe's characters?

Not sure anyone will actually see this comment though, I'm just enough of a media studies sci-fi geek to go through your entire back-log after seeing the link on Gizmodo.