Green Lantern Movie In Trouble Already?

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Is Warner Bros' Green Lantern movie in danger because of budget concerns? I thought it was yellow that was supposed to be his magic wishing ring's weakness, not green or gold...

Production Weekly twittered yesterday that

Green Lantern's proposed Australian shoot is understood to be under threat after the rising Australian dollar has blown out production costs


If true, this could mean a second move for the movie's release date. Initially hoped for December 2010, Martin Campbell's adaptation of the long-running DC comic, starring Ryan Reynolds as test-pilot-turned-space-cop Hal Jordan, had already been pushed to summer 2011 before this news.

Production Weekly [Twitter]

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Green or gold is going to be almost every superhero movie's weakness. Despite the glorious proclamations that the recession is over from Gubbiments and Finanshil groups, the world recession's effects are still being felt even in the credit markets.

The big flaw (hollywood wise) with superhero movies is the huge outlay for SFX and sets. In the pre sub-prime bomb old days, it was easy to get cash. Now? No one's willing to throw 100s of millions of fun bucks especially if there is no guarantee of major returns.

Plus. there's already rumblings on cutting "A" lister salaries and/or using "lesser" talent despite the shrieking denials of agents.

The success of cheaper SF movies like District 9 aren't helping.