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Green Lantern Movie Finally Takes Flight

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Remember that Green Lantern big-screen project? You know, the one that will no longer be a comedy starring Jack Black, as scripted by Robert Smigel (Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, TV Funhouse)? The one that was stuffed out then resurrected again, once the Justice League movie fell apart? The one that won’t star David Boreanaz, but will be directed by Brothers & Sisters exec producer Greg Berlanti and scripted by Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim (another Brothers & Sisters producer who's also scripted some Flash comics for DC), and Michael Green (a Smallville and Heroes producer)? Well, producers are finally convinced they can make some box-office green with that last line-up. First Showing reports that producer Donald De Line has confirmed that “a new draft of the script came in,” and it’s so promising they're “gearing up to start shooting early next spring.… We’re really close — really close.” [Note: possible spoilers ahead.] Close to what story exactly? In the past few months, a couple of script pirates have reported that the film—a DC Comics origin story about how Hal Jordan came to wear the vert ring—will start with the death of Green Lantern Corps member Abin Sur on Earth after a battle with the intergalactic baddie Legion. (The latter will appear as one of the movie’s villains.) The dying Abin Sur snubs Clark Kent to pass the potent bauble — its power swells with its holder’s imagination — along to Jordan, a civilian grappling with the death of his father. Once anointed, Jordan finds himself busy romancing aerospace businesswoman Carol Ferris, all the while gaining an enemy in Hector Hammond—who obtains powers while performing a government-sanctioned autopsy on Abin Sur. Facing certain defeat, Jordan journeys to the Green Lantern motherland, Oa, to ask for help in defeating the tenacious Hammond. Sound enticing? According to both sources, the movie looks like it’ll be somewhat steeped in space travel and, as such, is a total fanboy pleaser. Image courtesy WraithTDK


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So as a Jezebelle who occasionally wanders here, I'm at the risk of looking like a total fool. But where does John Stewart fit into this? Because not only would I be so pumped about having a black male lead in a super hero movie, but I totally had a crush on him watching JLA when I was a kid.